Shifting Paradigms: FUCT aligns with the new generation of Youth.

During the 1990’s a subculture arose in fashion, and a global generation that questioned the predatory and compartmentalized thinking of modern society was introduced to a movement so potent – which promoted a DIY way of life and set of deliberately different attitudes – it has since been defined as “street wear”.

By the early 2000’s “street wear” culture had shifted paradigms, re-introducing the crazed materialism mentally of the 1980’s in full force. An entire generation lulled to sleep again – overwhelmed by a dizzying array of endlessly emerging, artificially contrived brands sprouting out from seemingly nowhere and everywhere – seduced by the hypnotic spell of new sneakers and limited edition “anything”. A new guard of un-creative business-minded street wear “moguls” holding MBAs and law degrees from prestigious colleges had surfaced. Their sole purpose and intent, to flood the market with mediocre product and mindless messages through new and improved consumer marketing sorcery. But just as the best known failed car of all, the DeLorean DMC-12 did at least achieve fame – just not longevity.

With LOVER’S ROCK, FUCT’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection achieves the seemingly implausible task of coming full circle, finally. As one of the last true independent brands that has always stayed true to it’s authentic rebellious nature, FUCT is re-connecting with today’s new generation of youth on a higher level, one of simplicity and purity, a mindset which was once the driving force behind a no-name, fresh and uniquely unconventional movement that quickly morphed into a multi-billion dollar industry over a period of less than 20 years.

Seeking greatness in small things, FUCT yet again successfully counters the commonly held belief that it is the corporate street wear brands that create current and lasting trends through their misinformation and false revolutionary propaganda campaigns.

“It seems that all through life, one fact prevails. That the righteous all live on. These are Coptic Times. Leaving this place, won’t be no big disgrace, let loose those lies and hold on to your faith.”

FUCT has left Babylon. The voice of a new generation has spoken. - Erik Brunetti.

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Photography: Natalia Mantini
Styling: Manon Macasaet


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