"Rasta" Belt Origins


The origin of the "Rasta" belt is rumored to be influenced by the Order of the Garter. The Most Noble Order of the Garter, founded in 1348, is the highest order of chivalry in England and of the United Kingdom. 

The first, and only member of the Order from Africa was Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia. Among Jamaica's Rastafari movement, Haile Selassie is revered as the returned messiah of the Bible. He is pictured above in the Knight of the Garter regalia.

Commonwealth's inspiration comes from Jamaica's Rastafari belt iteration of the "Garter" which can often be seen in Reggae culture usually depicted in combination of black, red, gold and green stripes, worn in a manner where an extension of the belt is seen hanging low. 

Commonwealth's "Ras" belt is proudly handmade in Jamaica and are available now.  


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